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Birthdate:Jul 17
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Hi Hi! My name Annie! You can call me Anna if you like though!

I am usually an extreme anime fan but now I'm leaning away from that for some reason...( For some reason I find anime boring now. Not good).

I am not like most people who write pages long summaries about myself so don't worry:)ok … maybe my summary is a bit long…

I like to draw anime and to read different fanfictions on Rise of the Guardians and so on and so forth. I also play tennis though I did gymnastics and ice skating for a while but not anymore.Doing this all on an iPhone so please don't judge.

I have a deviantart account... please visit!!

Here is the link:

My helpers:

My muses differ. They depend on what the story is about.

Dani got fired 'cuz she called me mental so now I replace her with Evil Sam!(Not permanently though).

Evil Sam: Do you know where my father is?

Annie: uhhhh he's...umm...

My name is Annie but call me Anna,

I was born on July 17
My sign is Cancer(As in the crab
My parents are none of your business :)
I have no siblings
What I like about my school studies is nothing! o-o I have too much work to do and my dad is going crazy (Mainly the reason why I don't like anything)!!
What I dislike about my school studies is almost everything
I am saving up for a laptop because I want one so I can use it instead of this damn computer to type up my stories and draw.
My home is in CA and I have lived here for all of my life.
My friends are in Los Angeles( not anymore. My friend Angela has become a total B*
I love people who can draw and can tell a good story.
My favorite activity/activities include tennis and swimming and I love to do this because it's fun!
My favorite color is red because it reminds me of roses
I love to say "accident" (At least that is what my dad tells me... hehehe)
My favorite meal involves spaghetti and my favorite snack food is pirate booty (*Sticks out tongue* Not anymore)
I consider myself to be healthy and fitness is important to me. This is due to factors such as tennis cause I want to be a pro someday (Yeah right).
Changes to my lifestyle: I would like to make more time to write.
I am chaotic sometimes
I lose things sometimes. I've been having some weird luck lately...
I don't need to change anything about my life or lifestyle because I like it just the way it is. :)
The person who supports me the most is my mom and in my life she has helped me believe in myself when I couldn't
The best time of the day to me is the night because it feels very nice just to gaze up at the moon once in a while.
I like the sunset the most because I am a night person.
I need to have music every day
I hope to hear music
I want to see nature
I am frightened by the truth and this makes me a very withdrawn person.
My favorite movie of all time is... Rise of the Guardians!!! (Shocker)

When I was little I remember that I had two best friends
I felt happy
My childhood was generally positive and this is because I have a loving family.
My family is crazy and this is because they are always at odds with one another!
The good times I remember were... I can't remember any good times.
The hard times I can remember include when I woke up once and went to my parents and asked them if I was still their daughter for some reason when I was little (O-O That was random)

In my teens I hope to achieve good grades -_- what else? let me think... NOTHING!!
When I am older I would like to be a archaeologist or a mythologist.

When I am older I would like to do tennis stringing :)
I would love to travel to Italy because of its vast culture and art (Florence)
I think having a career is important and I would like to be a tennis player(lots and lots of dreams _)

Okay :) now a thing that I made :)

Music bands/artists: Three Days Grace, Basshunter, Selena Gomez, Skillet, nightcore, Vocaloid related, Kesha, etc. I like techno music too :)

Movies: Any movie in general.

Addiction: Music! Need--Air!!! (And Ipod)

Favorite subject: History

Least favorite: Right now? Biology(Changed it. She's a nice teacher but its a hard class)

Favorite stories to read:

Danny Phantom!! (Fan Girl swoons in background)

Shugo Chara!! (Yes I also like anime)

Naruto(Mostly ones where Naruto is a girl and likes Sasuke, that or if Naruto is super powerful. I completely HATE HAREMS!!! I mean, come on!!!

Inuyasha (Kagome x Inuyasha or Kagome x Inutaisho)

Rise of the Guardians (Recently added)

You want me to keep on going?

Twilight, House of Night, Vampire Kisses, How to Train a Dragon, blah blah blah...(Keeps on going forever and ever until not being able to talk)

I plan to use this account for SOME reason. I promise!
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